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Le Chasselas de Serreaux-Dessus, Luins AOC

Closure: BVS screw cap

The wine: Eloquent and refined, the nose conveys floral accents with slightly lemony overtones of citrus fruit. Offering a fresh, rather spirited introduction, it is well balanced on the palate with a degree of aromatic complexity.

A lovely lasting finish, full of finesse. A lively wine; an elegant embodiment of its pedigree.

For drinking within two to three years
For serving between 8 and 10 °C

Facts and figures for the vintage:

Sugar content 82° Oechsle when picked
Alcohol content 12,2 % by volume
Malolactic fermentation concluded
Residual sugars less than 2 g/l
Total acidity in terms of tartaric acid 3,8 g/l



Matringe SA / Serreaux-Dessus

Chemin de Serreaux-Dessus 8
CH-1268 Begnins / VD


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Vincent Chappuis

t.  +41 22 565 27 30

m.+41 79 245 22 92

Antoine Nicolas
t.  +41 22 366 29 47
m.+41 79 728 85 47

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