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The Serreaux-Dessus estate lies on the Côte Vaudoise within the Appellation d’Origine Contrôlée (AOC) of Luins. A single parcel of 13,5 hectares – 8,5 ha of vines and 5 ha of woods and meadows (or a little over 33 acres all told) – it enjoys a breathtaking panorama of Lake Geneva. Crowning the slope above the vines the woods afford shelter when the bise blows. An average vineyard altitude of 550 m is reflected in the character of our wines for which restricted production ensures optimum maturity.

Clinging to the steep south-facing slope of an ancient moraine the vineyard soil is a mixture of gravel, clay and limestone. Chasselas and pinot noir vines predominate but riesling x sylvaner, pinot gris and chardonnay also have their place. In 2003 additional varieties were introduced: to the palette of reds, gamay, garanoir, gamaret and galotta, to the palette of whites, doral. And all of them thrive; proof enough that in Serreaux-Dessus they have found a perfect terroir, living proof of a quality that is unique and specific to the region.

Master vine grower Andr é Monnard has cultivated these vines for more than 40 years. With a ready ear for new techniques, he was one of the first to adopt the practice of Integrated Production of Wine (IPW). In 1981, Antoine Nicolas joined him. As an engineer and oenologist trained both in Changins and in Piedmont, he takes care of the wine making process at the estate.
Following André Monnard’s retirement, Vincent Chappuis, an engineer in viticulture and oenology backed by 16 years of experience in Valais, associated with Antoine Nicolas in 2014. Together they strive to show the typicality of the Serreaux-Dessus estate’s wines.


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Serreaux was a village in its own right until the beginning of the 17th century when it was adjudged part of Begnins. The Sturler family, once the seigneurs or feudal lords of Serreaux, even had a private chapel in Begnins’s parish church. As for Serreaux itself, a map of 1786 shows that the estate then was just as it is now. In 1908 a master chimneysweep and roofer, Emile Matringe from Rolle, bought Serreaux. It remains in the possession of his descendants to this day.

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